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Destinations in the Zillertal and surrounding

With the Zillertalbahn to Mayrhofen

Experience the Zillertal from its most beautiful side with a ride on the steam train! Let the noises of the steam locomotive take you back in time.


Alpin roads in the Zillertal

The alpin road "Schlegeis" takes you up to breathtaking high mountains around the dam lake "Schlegeis" or drive up along the "Zillertaler Höhenstraße" and enjoy a dreamlike panoramic view. The alpin road "Zillergrund" takes you to the "Stilluptal", an idyllic landscape with beautyful hiking trails. Don´t forget the alpin road up to Gerlos, where you can find the fascinating  waterfalls of Krimml.

Alpin roads of the Zillertal

Museum for tyrolian farmsteads, Kramsach

Originale farmsteads from all around tyrol – an experience for old and young. Thanks to the help of many volunteers and engaged empolyees it was possible to take down 14 farmsteads from different valleys around tyrol and to build them up again in the museum for tyrolian farmsteads in Kramsach. Historic wisdom, architecture, equipment and fences show an almost forgotten lifestyle. Visitors go back in time and experience the historic background of tyrol.


"Silver city" Schwaz

Silver mine and planetarium. A special experience - A trip to the silver mine of Schwaz. It´s over 500 years ago since 11000 mine workers had to mine for silver and copper, which made Schwaz to the second largest city in austria during 15. and 16. century and tyrol became one of richest parts of europe. Get into the fascinating world of the silver mine in Schwaz.


Zeiss Planetarium Schwaz

A multimedial institution for show-, entertainment- and educational purposes, which is suitable for every age. Shows about the evolution of the earth, the planets and northern lights can be seen here, but also fairytales about stars for the smallest let the eyes of all visitors shine.



It is the smallest city of austria which got documented for the first time in 1254, in 1393 it became a city. As one of the few cities in europe it could keep up the medieval city flair. Rattenberg is known for its glasswork which dates back to the 19. century. Back then the first glass-refiner settled down close to the glassfactory, which already existed for 300 years. The glass city of tyrol - This is due to the fact that nowadays there are many glass refiner with their own stores in Rattenberg. Discover numerous places of interest and details in the city, talk to the skilled workers and enjoy the restaurants with a touch of medieval flair.


With the steam train to the largest lake of tyrol - the Achensee

The ride with the oldest working steam- and rack railway is a truely unforgetable experience. The almost 7 km long ride takes you from Jenbach to the ship pier "Seespitz". During 45 minutes you can enjoy the surrounding mountains and woods. Afterwards you can take a ride with the ship across the Achensee.



Learn more about the origin and production of the "Tiroler Steinöl" - the fluid gold from the Achensee -  at the museum "Vitalberg" in Pertisau.